The Winners of the Handsome Man Thailand Award

Handsome Man Thailand is the title given to a male actor who has an appealing appearance and a solid fan base. This award is based on the results of the survey conducted by The Netizens Report Magazine and has been running since 2022. The winning actors are voted by fans from all over the country. The coveted title has been earned by a wide variety of Thai celebrities from different genres of drama.

Bright Vachirawit from the BL series 2gether and F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers has gained high popularity both in Thailand and abroad with his good looks and acting talent. His character’s journey from a shy college student to a confident individual resonated with many viewers. He also works as a model and is the brand ambassador of several local and international brands.

Thai Elegance: Spotlight on the Epitome of Handsomeness in Thailand

Besides his good-looking face, he has a sturdy and well-built body that is perfect for action roles. He has a gorgeous smile and expressive eyes that make him stand out among the rest. He also has a strong sense of humor and is not afraid to show off his muscular physique.

Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat rose to fame after starring in popular lakorns such as I Told Sunset About You. His dedication to his craft has been a major factor in his enduring popularity. He has also become a popular singer. Lastly, Mario Maurer has a good-looking face and a captivating performance that attracts the attention of audiences.

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