The Real World Andrew Tate Review

the real world andrew tate


It has become a focus of public concern after it was reported that the platform was being used as a pyramid scheme to exploit teenage boys and channel them towards misogynistic ideology. Following a campaign led by VICE, Google has removed the app from the Google Play Store over concerns that it is being used to churn out users who will be unable to make much profit from their course work.

The Andrew Tate Formula: Real World Triumph Unveiled

According to the website, The Real World is designed to teach members how to make money through 18 modern wealth-creation options. It also claims to provide access to a personal professor for each course, who is available to help students navigate available resources and answer questions. The professors are supposedly battle-tested titans from their respective fields who have personally accumulated fortunes using the very same strategies they teach to their students.

Many members, who are mainly young men, use social media to share content promoting the app and its courses. This content often features photos and videos of them boasting about their success, with some claiming they can now afford luxury cars and houses as a result of signing up to the course. Many also use their social media accounts to promote the course, sharing repurposed video content from the site along with their own unique sign-up link in return for 48 percent of the sales commission earned by anyone who signs up through them.

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