The Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

The extreme q vaporizer is one of the most well-rounded and easy to use desktop vaporizers on the market. It offers supreme vapor quality, great taste and fantastic density out of one modestly sized bowl. Plus the clean brushed metallic design looks amazing and fits right in with any luxury smoking room setup.

This device comes equipped with a remote control that makes it super easy to operate from your chair. Most of the major functions can be instigated by the remote control, including setting the temperature and toggling between fan speeds. The remote also has a convenient 2-4 hour timer and a power button to shut the unit down.

Another great feature is the quick heat up time. It only takes about three minutes from pressing the power button to the device preheating and ready to go. You will want to make sure that the unit is completely cool before you touch any of the glass pieces though.

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The device uses a combination of convection and forced air heating to vaporize your materials. It is recommended that you grind your herbs finely before loading them into the cyclone bowl. Then, pack your herbs lightly to avoid overheating the material. Finally, be sure to stir the cyclone bowl frequently with the included stirring tool to expose new surfaces to the heating element and increase vapor density.

The Extreme Q is a perfect vaporizer for novices or those looking for a simple, no frills, no hassle device. It is one of the most easy to use, high vapor density and efficient vaporizers on the market at a reasonable price.

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