Office Relocation Services Near Minneapolis Minnesota

Relocating to a new place is stressful and sometimes expensive. The good news is there are companies that can help with the relocation process. This article will highlight 5 of the best Office relocation services near Minneapolis Minnesota that can make the process much less painful and costly.

How do you plan an office relocation?

Select Commercial Services has been active in the Twin Cities business community for more than a decade. They are a locally owned and operated moving company that provides commercial moves of all sizes, from small offices in the same neighborhood to massive relocation projects for well known Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the area.

Their office relocation services include full-service move management, furniture and technology installation, and warehouse storage. They are a team of highly experienced project managers and relocation specialists that work closely with clients to develop comprehensive relocation plans that meet specific relocation needs. They also offer an automation loan program that enables businesses to borrow money to cover the cost of automation equipment that can improve productivity and efficiency.

Gentle Transitions is a residential relocation service in the Minneapolis area that offers services to senior citizens who are looking to downsize and relocate to a retirement community. This company can help them decide what they need to sell or donate to minimize their packing requirements, as well as assist with finding a home that is the right fit.

Office relocation is a complex and time consuming task that requires the services of a professional. The professionals at Beltmann Corporate Relocation Group have years of experience in providing high-quality and efficient corporate relocation services in the Minneapolis area. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of the relocation process, from initial consultation through execution. They can also provide specialized services for mission critical executives and their families.

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