2023 Model X Review

2023 model x

When it comes to battery-powered people movers, the 2023 model x is considered the benchmark. Its complex falcon wing doors, sports car-beating acceleration and cavernous cargo space set it apart from rivals, but the 2023 model x isn’t without its quirks. The lack of smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus subpar cabin quality continue to detract from its overall appeal.

Tesla doesn’t operate on a traditional model year cycle, instead opting for rolling updates to its cars. For the 2023 model x, that means it’s now available with a regular steering wheel rather than the aircraft-style yoke that was introduced last year as a $1,000 option. It also now gains hardware that allows its infotainment screen to swivel.

Range is a key selling point, with the standard Model X Long Range estimated to cover up to 348 miles per charge. That beats the Audi Q8 e-tron and Mercedes EQS, but is eclipsed by the high-performance Model X Plaid’s 333-mile estimate. A level-three supercharger can recharge the Tesla Model X to around 80% in just 30 minutes.

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It’s a shame the Model X isn’t more practical for families, as its large rear seats are only suitable for adults. Despite this, it still offers generous passenger and cargo room, with a useful frunk and boot adding to its capacity. It drives well, with a firm and controlled ride and little body lean through twisty roads. However, erratic Autopilot adjustment and high-profile accidents have cast doubt on whether it’s ready for full autonomous use.

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