Protect Websites, Apps, and APIs With a Bot Detection Solution

Bots attack bot detection solution, apps, and APIs using many different technologies to achieve their malicious goals. To effectively detect and mitigate bad bot traffic, an advanced solution must identify both the specific markers of each type of bot and recognize anomalous behavior exhibited by these visitors in real-time. This includes detecting and identifying simple bots and their requests, recognizing advanced bots with their more complex requests, catching them in action, and stopping them from taking advantage of the business site.

Guardians of the Internet: How to Detect Bots and Protect Your Online Ecosystem

Without a robust bot detection and mitigation strategy in place, these bots can run unauthorized transactions (ATO, credential stuffing, carding), cause denial of service attacks, steal user data and compromise the integrity of websites. These attacks can impact brand reputation, consumer trust, and revenue. A robust bot detection solution that works in real-time protects websites, apps, and APIs without impacting the digital experience of legitimate users.

The best bot detection solutions can be configured to identify a wide range of behavior patterns, including device fingerprinting (detecting the use of specialized software or hardware that indicates a non-human visitor), usage velocities, and behavioral anomalies (such as non-human keyboard/mouse activity). In addition, they should be able to prevent data scraping and other risky traffic while remaining reliable by minimizing false positives and not slowing down website pages. Finally, they should work in real-time to continuously monitor web traffic and respond to bad bots quickly, preventing them from doing damage before they can carry out their malicious activities.

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